Sunshine & Stars

The first Sunshine & Stars holiday was to Spain’s Costa del Sol (January 1981)

More than 120  enjoyed the added UK entertainment we included

and most returned the following year.

Sunshine AND Stars had been invented!

It was a popular concept and we began to visit more European resorts -

Algarve, Cyprus, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote,

Mainland Spain, Majorca,  Malta,  Montenegro, Tenerife

Then we took the winning format even further -

Dominican Republic, Goa, Kenya, Morocco, 

Mexico, The Gambia and Florida 

(Our UK entertainers were a big hit with Americans in Tampa Bay!)

As resorts abroad began to provide more entertainment locally, we added other benefits.

Madeira holidays are the perfect example.

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Our UK Weekend breaks have always featured sparkling entertainment

with accommodation in the best hotels.

Rock n Roll and Line Dancing

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Whatever you choose, the perfect way to make friends and meet friends is with

Sunshine & Stars